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The most famous Italian plumber from Brooklyn anywhere (except for maybe Luigi), Mario is a hero to the last, always rescuing one person or another, selfless, thoughtful, and kind. He is good friends with all the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, especially Princess Toadstool (wink wink). This friendship springs from the fact that Mario has rescued the Princess from peril, out of the jaws of death (well, maybe not, but away from Bowser anyway) at least five or six times. So, when Bowser kidnapped Princess Toadstool this latest time, Mario was not surprised. Nor did he even break a sweat! For though Bowser has already proved himself to be a formidable foe, Mario has faith in the fact that good will always prevail over evil. A faith that may yet prove unfounded, unless he and his friends can defeat Smithy and return peace to the Mushroom World!


Jump- Trounce one enemy! 3FP
Fire Orb- The classic attack that used to come from the powers of a flower. Toast one enemy. 5FP
Super Jump- Time it right to stomp on foe's unfortunate head continuosly!
Super Flame- BIG fireball fries foe!
Ultra Jump- A heavy-duty stomp on the ugly head of adversity! Attacks all foes.
Ultra Flame- Burn every enemy to a crisp.


Shirt- in the Mushroom Kingdom. 7 coins
Thick Shirt- in Rose Town. 14 coins
Mega Shirt- in Moleville. 22 coins
Happy Shirt- in Marrymore. 38 coins
Sailor Shirt- Post Yarid Seaside Town/Sunken Ship/Sea. 50 coins
Fuzzy Shirt- in Nimbus Land. 70 coins
Fire Shirt- in the Barrel Volcano. 90 coins
Hero Shirt- from Croco in Bowser's Keep. 100 coins


Hammer- from the Hammer Bros. in Mushroom Way. can't be bought
NokNok Shell- from the merchant at Midas River. can't be bought
Punch Glove- in Moleville. 36 coins
Masher- from the Bob-omb See-saw treasure box in Booster Tower. can't be bought
Super Hammer- Marrymore. (Don't bother if you have the Masher.) 70 coins
Troopa Shell- Seaside Town (post Yarid) 90 coins
Mega Glove- in Nimbus Land. 102 coins
Ultra Hammer- in Smithy's Factory. (Ignore if you have the Lazy Shell) can't be bought
Lazy Shell- from the Gardener in Rose Town. can't be bought


Jump Shoes- You can use jump attacks on foes such as Spinys. Get them in the Mushroom Kingdom.

...The Ideal Mario

Armor- Hero Shirt
Weapon- Lazy Shell
Accessory- Safety Badge (Super Suit if you have it, of course!)