Chloroplasma.  IT IS FUN!
part of a dragonfly.

Shorty Blackwell
Originally for a place called Kyande Toshi. She is a chick who used to live on a sheep ranch in England, and this is a terribly ugly CG of her which I thought was cute at the time. Starlight Mountain

Shorty Blackwell New
A later picture of her (after I'd got my scanner). Starlight Mountain

Inji is an illegal immigrant from another planet, posing as an illegal immigrant from India. Starlight Mountain

Inji New
I started to hate the first picture of Inji, so I drew this one, but then I was like "hey, this sucks too" so I never actually posted it on that site. Starlight Mountain

Funky K New
Again, I started to think her first picture was terrible and drew a new one. Unfortunately, I lost the old one, but in hindsight it really WASN'T worse than this one. Anyway, Funky is the proprietor of the Whacked Ferret coffee shop and talks to animals. Starlight Mountain

Flash Johnson New
In his case, the guy who played him wrote me an e-mail to change his whole look, so I HAD to redraw him, but I still wish I'd not lost his original pic. He looks like the Fonz or something, but eh, it's all as his profile described it. And he has the power to run really fast. :o Starlight Mountain

Jonny Teleka
I wanted him to have cool, longish hair, but I couldn't DRAW then, you know?? Jonny has a computer store and he's a good boy. I also was all proud of myself for figuring out how to make a flannel-ish pattern and use it on his shirt. Starlight Mountain

Dr. Brad Andonuts
A mad scientist character with Beethovenish hair. Whoooo. Starlight Mountain

Optimus (TX-390)
Dr. Brad's robotic assistant. He so pweshus. Starlight Mountain

Sister Pink
A girl wif pink hair who was friends with Shorty, and outgoing and friendly and stuff, and lived in a place called Lilypad Lagoon, and, like a disproportionate amount of the characters, didn't have parents. Starlight Mountain

Lumnore lives on da mountain and has a trident and wears a cape! Starlight Mountain

Jackie Summers
Jackie was athletic, she was in track and field. This character was created by Shelly Davens, who later went to jail for cussing out a cop. (not really.) Starlight Mountain

It's Shorty's talking computer. ... don't ask questions. Starlight Mountain

Hip Travis
Cute chick who liked biology and ran the Bubble Room (in addition to not having parents, a large number of Starlight M. characters ran their own businesses). Starlight Mountain

Kefritirity Snortenfrazzel
An annoying alien who moved to Starlight Mountain because a slug was trying to eat her head on her other planet. (Her creator specified that she was annoying.) Starlight Mountain

Aurora Electrum
A sixth grader whose picture might have been nice if the face hadn't been all misshapen. The first Starlight character I inked with my then-new calligraphy pen (which I lost somewhere). Starlight Mountain

Jocksley Jones
The guy had submitted two different characters and I drew this one but then he decided he really wanted the other one, and I never drew that one. Whoops. Starlight Mountain

Willow Flower
A cute girl what likes to garden. I'm obsessed with pieces of wheat in people's hat/hair. o_o() Starlight Mountain

Foxie Sparkles
She isn't actually supposed to be pregnant. Hee. For some reason, she's half-fox. Garden Hills

Sosumi Komato
Don't like the pic? Sosumi! (She had a little sister named Sosari, too. EEHEE STUPID JOKES ARE TEH GREAT) Garden Hills

Sosumi New
Well, at least she's dressed in Japanese clothes instead of Chinese now, even if this is a weird picture. Garden Hills

Jaxon Firestorm
I like the shirt I gave him. What was with my inability to draw sunglasses...? They ALL look like that, that weird visor thing. Anyway, he was Foxie's main love interest but he flirted with people. Garden Hills

Scarletecia Tonberry
Rich snobby girl who looks like Jessie only not as pretty because I messed up and her face looks swollen or sommat. She liked Jaxon but it was NOT MEANT TO BE! Also, her pocketbook is sparkly. Garden Hills

Saffron Kindumiel
Nice uglyish piccer of Saffron who likes going hiking and stuff and whose design here was completely stolen from Tifa and Yuffie. For some reason I thought no-one would notice. Garden Hills

Saffron Half
Maybe I named it that because it was halfway between the first picture of her and the next, but was never used itself..? I don't know, I can't remember. This one is pretty cute, but I never finished it or used it on the site. Garden Hills

Saffron New
ATTACK OF THE EXCESSIVE HAIR. This is more Ryouga-chan-ish than the "real" one I drew ever was ;o It's all weird but at least all the lines are nice and smooth o_o Garden Hills

Sister Pink New
THE REMIX!! I like the way her hair and face look, and her legs, but the rest is deformed and weird. Garden Hills

Shade Twylite
A broody, sullen and displeased sort with no social skills and a crush on Saffron. In a very bad picture. And his design is copied from Mousse and Cloud. Garden Hills

Shade New
Hand in hair can be sexy if you pull it off right but I didn't, and DANG he's got too much hair. Still copied from Mousse and Cloud, but pulled off a little better. Garden Hills

The dream-giver, whom we made a bad guy in the story although she's not really evil. Eh heh. I like this picture, I think it's cute. Garden Hills

curly thing.
one's hair on trees and one's hair on people.