Chloroplasma.  IT IS FUN!
part of a dragonfly.

O_O()()()() Heh heh I actually still like this picture. O_O()()() It's a surprise that you only get to enjoy if you can read katakana. It's a Secret

Melting Ice
Jessie an' Biggs in another illustration for the never-finished fic. I tried a different way of colouring, so they look overly shiny. FF7

Tifa Lockheart
Sometimes I look at this picture and wonder why I've become a worse artist since 9th grade. Here is Tifa not flipping anyone off because that's her index finger. FF7

Drawn in 9th grade Latin at the request of C. Reynolds Final Fantasy

Master Tonberry
Master Tonberry. My friend James is scared of Tonberries. FF7

A Shaman, because they are really cool, even though this drawing didn't end up being as cool as I wanted it to. Super Mario RPG

Someone asked me to draw Misty in a bathing suit, so I did. This had the potential to be a cute drawing, but it's all off. Pokemon

Drawn in 9th grade biology. It had the potential to be a pretty drawing, but it's also all off. Pokemon

JJ Smudge
ROCKETSHIP ROCKETSHIP It got all smudg-ed in my notebook. Jessie's hair is WAY too big! Pokemon

Nyaasu's head with some lyrics to "Nyaasu no Uta." I incorrectly split up the word "dokoka" because I didn't know what it meant at the time in the line. Anyway, the actual lyric there is "hiroi hiroi uchuu no dokoka ni," meaning "somewhere in this vast, vast universe." In any case, this drawing looks cool if you look at only the top part of it (i.e. from above the eyes up). Pokemon

Rocket Class
James's hand is backwards and Hans laughed at Jessie's shoes, but you know, this has the potential to be a really sexy drawing. <3 Pokemon

I read this fanfic once where Ryouga got his piggy curse replaced with a girl curse like Ranma's so I drew him as a girl, but I should've made his eyes more like his eyes because I drew them like Ranma's eyes, and Ryouga and Ranma's eyes are different. *nod* Ranma 1/2

Eee hee hee *blush* Legend of Zelda / in my dreams

Knights of Redwall
All fan-created characters (Withywindle's mine). From left to right, they're a squirrel, hare, fox, fox, fox, and stoat (ermine). Foxes and stoats are always evil in the actual books. Redwall

Fang O'Riley
Fang the timberwolf. He was a character in Star Wolf's SF64 sim. The creator of Fang O'Riley / SF64

Women of Terra Firma
Well, this project never happened but I still drew this. From left with magic element / weapon, they are Arianne Diramicos (fire, flute), Mercedes MacKinderson (water, trident), Twine Mizell (sun/heat, sickle), Eltania (ice/cold, scythe), and Lotus Xiao-Yu (love/confusion [status], darts). Terra Firma

Zyi Sandegomn
Zyi the groovy Birkenstock-wearing kitty. Star Fox 64 Sim

Meow Eevee Bell Bell
Some Pokemon art I drew for my friend Daniel's website! I haven't seen Daniel in forever. Wonder how that kid's doing. Pokemon

Pika Poli Butter Abra Ekan
More Pokemon for Daniel. My titling system rocks. Pokemon

Pika Poli Oddi
IT NEVER ENDS!!! Pokemon

Tentacool Jigglypuff
Tentacool actually has only two tentacles. But that doesn't matter because this is My Best Drawing Ever. Pokemon

Fourth Angel
This could've been good if I had more talent. *headscratch* I drew it at region choir auditions sophomore year. Gundam W-ish

Bad Inking Skillz
Fish Eye is beautiful and colouring is fun. This picture is great to depict the fun of colouring but not so great for the same with Fish Eye's beauty. Sailor Moon SuperS

Raicchan no Bishounen
Some of my favourite chaps drawn disproportionately and mostly not so wonderfully. Oh well. Link, Ryouga, Quatre, Vincent Valentine, and Professor Tomoe. Legend of Zelda / Ranma 1/2 / Gundam W / Final Fantasy VII / Sailor Moon S

Pink Panther
Nezu was like "Silla! Draw the Pink Panther!" So I did. Pink Panther

Queen Nehellania
Nehellania is awesome. Her name is not Neherenia because that means nothing, but is instead Nehellania because that's a name for Hel, the Norse goddess of the dead. (HOW COOL IS THAT) Sailor Moon SuperS

Manga-style Nehellania
More evil-looking Nehellania, after how she looks in the manga. I was sketching, so there are some evil mouths and stuff in/around her. :o Sailor Moon SuperS

Fruity Trio
The Amazon Trio love each other very much, like the Teletubbies! Sailor Moon SuperS

Eternal Sailor Venus
A not very wonderful drawing of Eternal Sailor Venus in my 10th grade English journal. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Tag Along
English journal sketchy! This girl Ashley was freaked out when she first saw it but then she was amused and started singing "tag along tag along tag along!" to me whenever she saw me. And that's the girl who won the NHS scholarship. Gundam W / original

curly thing.
one's hair on trees and one's hair on people.