Chloroplasma.  IT IS FUN!
part of a dragonfly.

DHUURR, it's Kae. Her hair looks aweful.

The Earth Knight; of the Quarter Knights, obviously. His magic is planet-based, so whenever they go to a new planet he has to spend a day or two communing or meditating or something before he can be of much use. (I decided that because I thought it was neat.)

Effeminate Jonathon sketch; I swear his nose's not facing the wrong way, it's just that I shaded it all messed up-like.

Once I drew AnJa because she told me to. I think I asked her "what should I draw?" She doesn't wear glasses anymore because she always wears her contacts.

Heirate Mich!
Me and Yoshi with Brad Swaile. O_O() There was originally a reason I drew this, but I have NO idea what it was.

I'd gotten a haircut, so I drew myself with it. I'm letting it grow again now but I think I also cut it again between this time and now. Hmmmm.

A random sketch I did at my aunt's house that later evolved into the chara design for Parrot.

Dirty Commies
Me and Hans as Chinese communists. O_O()()()

A creepy chick, whom I was inspired to draw after staring at the eyes of a macaw at a pet store.

Tinsel Bielke
A drawing I never finished of a vampire character I played briefly. Although she's a vampire, she hasn't got fangs, so she uses those pointy straws (like on Capri Sun). All I really ever liked about the design are the pieces of wheat in her hair and the Navi T-shirt, but I never could get it right.

Fretful Drawing
A very ugly and bad drawing of me and Brad Swaile cosplaying Mousse and Quatre. O_O() I sent this with my fan letter XP WTF was I on?

A little self-portrait for my Creative Writing compilation at the end of sophomore year. I scanned it because I was afraid I would screw it up when I did it with coloured pencils, but I didn't. But then I forgot to ever scan the coloured pencil version. And I don't know where it is. And I don't care very much.

A thing I drew during Fiddler on the Roof. I was going to make it into an animation, but I'm inept and it was ugly.

I changed his name to "Osyuun" because "Oshun" could be construed as a bad pun on "ocean." I didn't come up with the name originally, some other guy did, so maybe he meant for it be a bad "ocean" pun, who knows. Anyway he's the Sea Knight, of the Quarter Knights.

Parrot's magical flying giant Betta fish.

I spent about five years doing the wings. I like the picture for concept and overall feel, but I don't like the way Stormspinner looks (except for her wings, which I'd durn well better like).

Her again. XP!

One Way Street
Faren Gray, originally from the Bresby IS, now apparently incorporated into DoD in some fashion, floating with a headset mic.

Parrot again, drawn badly, but that's all right because the intent of this picture was to cement her character design in my mind rather than be.. ... good.

Dr. Jonathon Rovnev
Well, he's a physician, albeit more early Renaissance/classical era style than the type with clipboards and stethoscopes. IT WAS FUN, OKAY.

Pretty Parrot
Parrot in makeup.

Blue Creeps
An ugly and creepy thing which I drew for the purpose of being ugly and creepy.

Stoned Kiss
HA HA HA. Yeah, it's Jonathon and Parcival :p Parcival likes Jonathon, but he (Jonathon) is like asexual, so it didn't quite work out. I don't remember why I drew this, but I did. And yeah, he (Jonathon again) is apparently stoned or something. Man, this picture sucks.

Strongest Wind Cannot Be Seen
Inspired by the Joy Luck Club XP. The face on the left is bad. The face on the right is better. Although it's really one head with two faces.

Parcival and Jonathon on my physics notes. Jonathon should look more confused / sad than "OMG FEAR", but, yeah, whatever. More woman!Jonathon for you to enjoy O_O()()()()

Thick-necked thing drawn in MSPaint on my sister's computer when I was visiting her in her dorm room at the beginning of her freshman year in college.

THIS IS THE BEST PICTURE EVER ha ha ha ha. Parcival and Jonathon again, drawn to amuse myself in US history XP! I know you love my years-old badly-drawn mild homoerotica! What the crap was wrong with me? I never drew this picture.

Gown Faren
Faren in a gown with make-up and styled hair, which she wore in part of the Bresby IS. I think I should make her less attractive.

Also in MSPaint, but with one of those eraserhead mice this time. o_x

Parent Ferret
I think I still like this one. :+ I should've done the psychedelic puddle/shadow better, but 'cept I didn't.

curly thing.
one's hair on trees and one's hair on people.