Chloroplasma.  IT IS FUN!
part of a dragonfly.

OMG THE FIRST CG I ever made and shared with other people. I added the black outlines on it later because I for some reason thought that if I made it look like I always did black outlines, people wouldn't realise I had started scanning ink drawings. I don't have the original version of this anymore. It had a green background. Star Fox 64

SECOND PUBLIC CG EVARR omg. I'm not sure whether my total gun-ignorance is more amusing, or the fact that I was willing to share this with other people considering the way the gun looks and didn't think finding a reference was worth my time. I was a weird kid. Star Fox 64

Katt again
With changed face, gun, and of course the black outlines. It's still bad. Even back then I don't think I had the illusion that I'd made a huge improvement. Star Fox 64

Crazy Ape
Third shared CG. By the way, I drew these in the first place because there was some Star Fox fan art up on a site and I was like "I MUST WIN ACCOLADES!" Only I didn't know that word back then, I don't think. This was the only of my early works that achieved any measure of popularity. <3 Star Fox 64

Billy Boy
Bill's head. I'd almost begun to grasp that whole "shading" concept. Star Fox 64

Slippy's so cute and aggravating. Anyway, I didn't know how to do very much with PSP back then, and this was part of the learning process. Star Fox 64

Baby Star Fox [unfinished]
You know, I honestly do not remember ever drawing this, but I guess I must have since nobody else in my family drew it and it was on my hard drive. Star Fox 64

Peppy has gun bubbles!!!11 I don't really know why. I thought they were neat. Peppy has a nice coat. Star Fox 64

Wolf O'Donnel
The Star Wolf team all has kind of weird surnames. Like, they don't seem to fit. Hm. GUN BUBBLES Star Fox 64

I didn't know how to use PSP. This shouldn't be put up as "art" since there's nothing about this that I made. Aside from typing in the captions. Why did I *make* this? Super Mario/ The Monkees / Star Fox

I do not know why I drew this. I guess it's sort of cute. Super Mario

Wendy O. Koopa
I drew this when I was six!!! Wendy O. was my favourite, because she was a girl. Probably my best work, this. Super Mario

I do not know why I gave it that filename, but I did. A CG drawing of Peter Tork in the Rainbow Room, I guess. Or just with a psychedelic background. Quite old; first drawing ever posted in Silla's Cafe. Monkees

I think this was the first thing I scanned... I used the scanner at school, because I hadn't got one. It's an illustration for that SF64 fanfic I wrote. A Stone Drag. Star Fox 64

Silly Katt
Also scanned at school; it's really ugly, although I worked really hard on it. I practiced drawing it quite a few times, you know? o_o In the end I was happy with how it looked... I don't know at what point I actually realised that it wasn't good. Star Fox 64

Silly Fox
SCHOOL SCANNED BWA. I used to replace my black outlines with navy blue because I thought it looked cool, and then I wouldn't have to worry about transparent giffing. *headscratch* Star Fox 64

Wonder why this wasn't called "Silly Fara," I seem to have had a theme with this batch of scannÚd. I also wonder why I drew a picture of Fara when I had no idea what she looked like. (I knew she was a fox, and that she was a girl.) Star Fox 64

The feet are so deformed that they're kinda cute. I actually drew them that way on purpose, though. *headscratch* Anyway, this was a commission and one of the first things I made in PSP.. .... 4.0. Yeah. (The versions are blurring) LA of CA

I'd discovered Brighten and textures in PSP 4. It's an illustration for my first SF64 fanfic; meant to be Katt's ship flying over Zoness. I don't know how the window is reflecting the sun when it's facing the opposite way... Star Fox 64 / original

Cover Sheet
A cover sheet. For that fanfic. Star Fox 64

A Stone Drag
A sort of thesis illustration for the Stone Drag fanfic. It's the logo, only it hasn't got the BG or text that I put on the final version. Why'd I save it this way? Star Fox 64

Ross Black
This dude had seen the picture I drew of Silla and Landis dressed up as pirates at the SF64 and asked me to draw him, so I did (thought I did not have a scanner yet [a friend had scanned Silla], I don't think). I drew this and it's not good, so he didn't like it. Well, whatever. Star Fox 64 Sim

Sam Gamgee
More Tolkien fan art yargh. Actually, this is quite a bit older than the other one, but I don't remember exactly how.... well, a lot of old stuff is coming up (scanned by a friend once, months before I had a scanner of my own). Lord of the Rings

Monkees Logo
The Monkees and their logo. o_o Monkees

First Season Monkees
The Monkees 1966-style. Monkees

Second Season Monkees
The second season of the TV show was better, because Davy cut his hair and Micky let his hair grow. Monkees

Indian Chief Pronto
Peter dressed this way in a second season ep, though the yellow and brown flower painted on his cheek didn't look like a horrible growth, and he also actually looked cute. Monkees

Peter Profile
We were just supposed to draw a random profile in my sculpture class, but I made mine into Peter. Monkees

Katt Pose
It would appear to be Katt posing. I was all with the gradient fills. *headscratch* Star Fox 64

Rain Mirage
Supposedly modified Arwing of Saundra P. Thorkelson. I used a ruler to make a sketch of an Arwing from an illustration in NP and then did pattern fills with some weird thing I made with smudge tool... I'd just discovered pattern fills and smudge tool. Star Fox 64

curly thing.
one's hair on trees and one's hair on people.