Chloroplasma.  IT IS FUN!
part of a dragonfly.

HEH HEH it's not sexual. Because that's where her heart is, you know? :o

Spider to the Fly
The title really doesn't have anything to do with it, aside from the fact that her shirt has a spider on it. Her hair looks utterly hideous. Sorry.

This picture is SOOOO bad. o_o Um, um, I swear it's not sexual either. See, in Utena the shirt being open is a metaphor for exposure of the soul... though apparently that only applied to guys in that series. Hrrrmm.

Merry Christmas!
Drawn as a Christmas card for my friends in 2001. I was in the show choir at school and we did a lot of performing at parties and stuff and our uniforms made us look like bartenders. Hence.

She is Italian, so her name is said "beh-ah-TREE-che". I created her for a sim (now dead, of COURSE) right after I finished reading the Divina Commedia xP! There's a lot I like about this picture, but a lot that I'm like 'blergh' at.

Faren and Parrot. The wings were meant to look shredded/withered/useless, but I didn't do it very well. The rainbow background amuses me. ... but Faren and Parrot aren't lesbians, in case you were wondering o_o

ACen '02
Based on my experience with meeting Brad Swaile at ACen. (he never e-mailed me, the HO!) (It's funny to call guys "ho")

Geminus Conquest- Earth
For my final webmastery project (11th grade), I made a nice web pages about the Dead Lands thing I was planning after the sim fell apart (it's a little bit revived right now, so who knows what'll happen) and I drew character art but I didn't finish it in time so it wasn't actually on the project site but it was MADE anyway. This is the main characters of it who are native to Earth (minus Jonathon because I didn't like the little portrait I drew for him so I never finished it, nor did I draw him a new one because I was like "what for anyway?").

Geminus Conquest- Stars
The non-Earth native characters. Now, on the Earth ones, clockwise from top left- Ana Rovnev, Sir Parcival, Sarle U'Lixes, Taren U'Lixes (son of Sarle), and Avery Guirlande (healer; Jonathon was his apprentice). On this, clockwise from top left, Osyuun, Stormspinner, Aestus, Montano, Calamat, and Cole's in the middle.

OMG GUESS WHO. I think I drew this while I was watching Die Hard one time. *headscratch* Alan Rickman is hot.

Since I thought I might do a Frederick the Great story for Tokyopop's contest, I decided to try drawing him more seriously than previously ;o The design I ended up going with doesn't look like this at all really, at least the hair doesn't. His shirt looks so bad. The left eye is also messed up here, I fixed it later, but then I decided I wasn't gonna use it for anything anyway, so I never re-scanned it.

Identity Puzzle
For English in 12th grade, we were supposed to draw pictures on a thing and write quotes on the back and cut it into puzzle pieces and do stuff. Here's mine, my coloured pencils were dirty so it looks terrible in places but I kept going because I wanted to finish it O_O() Those are the six signs from The Dark is Rising on the chain, there.

le pfilosophe
Second cover concept for my Frederick the Great doujinshi (the first being that portrait-type thing up there).

An ugly little napkin sketch, on a Taco Cabana napkin I think. I scanned it because the napkin happened to be on the floor by the scanner when I was scanning in Owen.

Owen Gray
Owen, who is cool because she's a girl named Owen XP She dances ballet, studies European history, and uses nicotine to fill the gap left in her heart by the absence of cute children and small animals. And yes she has some connexion with Faren.

My second-ever oekaki. I was just trying stuff. YAY. Oekaki is fun.

Sacred Duty
I drew this oekaki based on a dream I had because I was too lazy to draw a real picture based on my dream, but I knew I had to immortalise it somehow.

I started out trying to draw a hot guy, but after drawing part of an eye, I realised that wasn't going to work out, so I drew this instead. ;o I used bold colours and the spline tool. Because those are both goodnesses.

A Lesser Oedipus At the Junction of the Sphinx
It had no other title so I made that up. Isn't it nice. WHEE, IT BE JONATHON. He's supposed to be looking over his shoulder but I R teh suck so it's hard to tell ;o Also, his hair looks like it's composed of several discrete pieces of metal.

A Dangerous Game
Cruddy little Stormspinner oekaki WHOOO. It'd be sexier if I had more talent. What you gonna do about it, eh, big man? Come on. I'll take you on. Come on. Oh yeah, her hair grew out because this is her after three years ish. Or maybe her hair MAGICALLY grew out like Utena's. And her skin is coloured just for contrast, she really is completely chalk-white in the current incarnation of her ever-evolving character design.

I was bored one time and I was like "GRAAH OEKAKI." I have decided that his full name is Kensington Avolant-Maddox Wilhelm VII.

Kensington's clumsily-drawn yet cute sidekick, whose picture I hate a little more every time I see it. Achem. Being that he's probably a villain, this makes her either also evil, or just really, really naive. I can't figure out which of those I prefer for her.

Ice Goddess
Stormspinner getting her deity on o__o. This makes her fourth apperance with wings, as well as her fourth type of wings. I drew this at National Junior Classical League convention GO LATIN YEAH.

Faren- After / Before
On the left is her 2-3 years into the future being better-adjusted and better-developed (AH HA HA!) and bossing someone around on the headset mic of DOOM in a sucky tentative summer uniform design, though her head/neck and neck/body are wrong in proportion to each other but I didn't want to erase and redraw either of them ;o And on the right is her at the PRESENT TIME being her neurotic little self.

A drawing of Kensington from the same angle and with basically the same amount of point to it as the first ;o It's the first thing I drew with MY TABLET JKSFLSF !!!1222

Sooo Cute
My second tablet drawing. :o It isn't anyone in particular. Hooray for things that look like ink drawings even though they aren't?

I am the best title-giver in the world. I sorta think this is sexy and I sorta think it's ugly.

Kensie and Tassel
Here they are yay! I had to draw a proper Tassel after her oekaki came out so ugly ;o I want Kensington's outfit to be cuter, with maybe a big ruffly collar and pockets and things... well, there's always time. By the way, they aren't in love, I don't think. *blink*

Hitler Oekaki
The same picture had been at the top for too long, so I drew the top left picture. Then I wanted to make it better, so I redrew it as the top right picture, but it actually made a whole new picture instead of replacing the first one, so then there were two Hitler drawings, and then it was kind of a theme, so the last one is Snape and Hitler's love child, because Snape and X's love child was our other theme.

I wanted to draw somebody sorta fashionable. And for some reason I drew this with the mouse instead of plugging in my tablet. Same with Hitler(s). Achtung!

curly thing.
one's hair on trees and one's hair on people.