Chloroplasma.  IT IS FUN!
part of a dragonfly.

James Kirkpatrick
His e-mail address was "UglierFruit". Wa, he's so fruity and cute. TWA HWA. Garden Hills

Frank Bijou
In Japanese his surname means "beautiful woman," and in French it's "jewel." This picture reminds me of my cousin Alex for some reason. The character himself lives in the woods. *headscratch* Garden Hills

Leo Zakaria
A good Christian farmer boy! I wanted him to be good-looking but I made him a little too pretty. For my basis, I used Link and Cannonball, the way Joe Madureira used to draw him, because he was REALLY HOT when Joe drew him. I really miss Joe Madureira. Garden Hills

Kathran Littlewolf
This is an orphan chick with a pet wolf, and the thumbnail shows her knees because I know you're all sick of looking at thumbnails of people's faces! Garden Hills

A teenybopper girl who was like "pacy is so incredibly fine" in her profile e-mail, talking about Dawson's Creek, and I didn't know what she meant and I still don't (not that I don't know what it means for someone to be incredibly fine, I just have no idea who Pacy is or anything about Dawson's Creek) aaaaand she said she wore a Tommy Hilfiger shirt but I didn't know how the logo looked except that it was red and blue so I had to look it up online, which is how pop-culture illiterate I am. Garden Hills

Erik Ghent
Erik Ghent is so arrogant! (GET IT?!?!) He's a surfer bum :o I don't know, he never got put in the story, actually. But he wasn't going to get along with Shade. Garden Hills

Cerose Lightning
I know this picture is terrible. I sort of made it bad on purpose because I thought the character was stupid. That was mean of me. But I can't do anything about it now. (Really, though, his name is "Cerose Lightning.") Garden Hills

Xiao Hong
She is... the GIRL WITHOUT A SURNAME *scary hand motions* I guess she's sorta cute. She's Chinese. *ponder* Dragon Forest

Merry Friedhof
She's a 13-year-old gravedigger who lives in a mausoleum. HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT. Dragon Forest

Dante Nerezza
He's meant to be Italian but he looks sorta Japanese. He also is supposed to have STYLE but hmm. Anyway, when you look at this picture, squint a little and imagine that it's dead sexy and stylish. Dragon Forest

Very first design for Lotus. It is old, but I didn't put it up until years after it was completed because I forgot about it a little, and it was also really ugly. Terra Firma

Esne Ebrius
Me and the other girl working on TF made up twin sisters who would be nice and sweet but were secretly dominating pyromaniacs because we wanted something SUPER FUN! :D!!! Her girl was named "Pavo Ebrius." Esne's name means "Are you drunk?" and Pavo's means "Drunk Peacock" because we thought that was funny too. Terra Firma

Lotus Xiao-Yu
It's sort of strange to me that this was drawn like within a day of when I drew the "real" Lotus pic and the clothes and everything are basically the same but it's like a million times uglier. It too is old (as is Esne, but I didn't put her up not because of ugliness but because she's risque TEE HEE) but eh, now it's here! Terra Firma

Nerissa Mandela
THE MAIN CHARACTER OMG Her abs are sort of scary but it's my fault for drawing them :o() Also wtf is with the way I coloured her face? Anyway she's bent on destruction. Revenge. More or less. Psychedelia

Shanelle Arisa
She looks pretty good aside from her arms, which are so deformed that I know I must have made or left them that way on purpose, but I can't remember *why*. She is an enemy of Nerissa, part of the evil army of evil or something. Psychedelia

Antir Khain
A chick who lives in the desert and has ice magic. I reused the hairstyle from Xiao Hong because I thought it was cute, but it didn't really fit here. Also this is an ugly drawing, even though there doesn't seem to be anything specific about it that's ugly. Mystery. Unnamed story that never happened

Antir again
A revamped Antir who is actually just cute, instead of looking all weird and serious with a randomly cute hairstyle. This one is so incredibly better, and it really must be since I still think so even so much later. But the guys I was going to do the story with liked the first one better. History has shown that they really were on crack. That same thing

Faren Gray
Purposely inconspicuous magic/tech student; I originally created her for the Bresby Institute interactive story, but she's MADE THE LEAP, if pencil sketches mean anything. Directions of Destiny

Minerva Starling
The chaotically evil (in a really nice way) Pink Pixy with water-element magic. The girl whose chara this is did like the picture, but in retrospect there's a lot I could have done better. An unnamed story about Pixies that also never happened

Waverly Clinomite
The Orange Pixy with light-element magic. She was my character; I called her "Waverly" because I thought it sounds cool, not because of any character connexions, BUT I was inspired to use it as an actual name since it popped up both in The Princess Bride (novel, "Buttercup's Baby" thing) and Joy Luck Club. Pixy story thing

An angelic chick. I like the way I did her hair. And NO I did not just randomly give her huge boobs. They were part of the drawing specs. Ace's Journey

A nice sweet intelligent chick who apparently once busted someone's face. There was an unusually short period of time between when this drawing was commissioned and when it was completed, mostly because I wanted to draw a cute short hairstyle. Psychedelia

Gabrielle (another)
At the point in the story this goes with, Ace is actually the one whose mind and soul are in Gabrielle's body, because she sacrificed himself to save his life when his body was killed. Gabrielle herself is a bit dead, it would seem (having no body), so "she" looks unhappy. Ace's Journey

A demon with a neat conceptual design that I pulled off visually as best I could. :o Psychedelia

curly thing.
one's hair on trees and one's hair on people.