Chloroplasma.  IT IS FUN!
part of a dragonfly.

Jirina is 6'6", for REAL! She's super cool but she wears a yukky visor so I drew her without it but I drew her face all bad and ugly, so I might as well've had her in the visor. Huh. Shadow Madness

Yukito and Touya
Drawn on the bottom half of a page in English journal because there were still five minutes left of journal time after I wrote down the lyrics to "Thanatos~ If I Can't Be Yours." Touya rawks my world but I drew him TERRIBLY, not that I drew Yukito well. Card Captor Sakura

Mille Feuille
Terrible ugly sketch of the lovely Haz Knight. Some random classmates were like "so pretty!" but they were WRONG because this is UGLY. Although the real Mille isn't ugly. Sorcerer Hunters

Little Bielke
Tevye's littlest daughter. This is really ME dressed up in my Bielke costume for our school's production of Fiddler on the Roof. "We're going on a train and a boat." Fiddler on the Roof

Chibi Eternal Sailor Mars, drawn for my friend Kat who loves Sailor Mars (also Mel C of the Spice Girls. Hmm). It was part of my birthday present to her that year. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

To Jinjo-chan!
A present for mah friend Jinjo wif her favourite anime/game chaps. Clockwise from top left, they are Bill, Glenn, Nightcrawler, Sheik, Julian/Yukito, Matt, Merlock, and Geno. Pokemon / Chrono Trigger / X-Men: Evolution / Legend of Zelda / Card Captor Sakura / Digimon / Flint the Time Detective / Super Mario RPG

Federal Agent West and Quatre Raberba Winner, the most irresistible men in the history of animation. (I'm just joking, GEEZ. ... OR AM I?!??!) The Zeta Project / Gundam W

Fruity Trio II
Just a little something I drew in 10th grade chemistry which I knew I would never finished and therefore scanned in this state because I had to show everyone its fruitiness. Sailor Moon SuperS

Akemi from Eiji Yoshikawa's Musashi series. She was my favourite even though it sucked to be her all the way through. Anyway, this is her during her days as an Edo courtesan. Musashi

I Am No One's Slave
Jirina again, even uglier than before. I drew it while watching the X-Men movie once. I didn't finish colouring it because I realised it was really ugly. Shadow Madness

The Insomnolent Defenestration
Cover art for my 10th grade creative writing compilation book, featuring Master Tonberry, Mr. Kipper, a moo-cow, and some hitodama. FF7 / Super Mario RPG / cows who say "moo"

Chibiusa-chan and Ana
English journal doodle of Chibiusa-chan, with a MAGIC SPECIAL BONUS that is an ugly sketch of Ana Rovnev, older half-sister of Jonathon Rovnev. Sailor Moon

Ryouga-chan ya Ranma-chan de aru wa ne
My, if it isn't Ryouga-chan and Ranma-chan! But once again I gave Ryouga Ranma's eyes instead of his own. Her own. Ranma 1/2 / idea that Ryouga got a girl curse

Tilting Quatre
A drawing that's all deformed in relation to different parts of itself. Hmm. but there's also a transcribed verse from Ob La Di Ob La Da to make up for that, and the bottom of some multiple choice PSAT practice. Gundam W

Tribute to Brad Swaile
Superdeformed Brad Swaile with three of his best-known characters: Nightcrawler, Quatre, and Mousse. I've got a schoolgirl crush on him and have only recently gotten over the fact that he never e-mailed me after ACen '02. X-Men: Evolution / Gundam W / Ranma 1/2

Lady Une
Une, NOT drawn spontaneously as many of my drawings are, but very deliberately because I was like "hey, I've never drawn Une; what's with that?" and drew her. Gundam W

Blink who is the COOLEST and they saved her from dying in AoA by making her the main chara of Exiles but then they freakin' GOT RID OF HER in that even though the reason they made Exiles in the first place was like, to bring her back, so they BETTER do some other stuff with her or I'll be so freaking mad, I'm not even joking. X-Men: Age of Apocalypse

Fangs a Lot!
A going-away present for Zuki, aside from the fact that I mailed it to her like a month after she moved ;o Well, it might've gotten ruined if I'd just given it to her to take on the plane with her, and I lost my coloured pencils for a long time. It's me, Zuki, and three of her favourites: Ryouga, Link, and Tasuki. She is holding Ahithophel, my cow-in-a-can that was a present from her to me. Ranma 1/2 / Fushigi Yuugi / Legend of Zelda

Sixteen Hours
Libelle from Hans's manga, Directions of Destiny. Though I guess sleeping a lot can't really be one of her traits anymore since Li Xin sleeps a lot. Directions of Destiny

Harley Quinn
We're up to stuff I did in 11th grade now! OH, THIS IS GETTING GOOD. Sketched on my US History notes. Harley Quinn is teh awesome. Batman: the Animated Series

Merry Christmas to Yoshi!
A Christmas present for Yoshi-senpai: characters from her original story, movie-poster style. I did my best on it at least ^^() Eien Dragonia Densetsu

Artist's Block
Compilation of random sketches I drew while I was trying to finish *something* worthwhile but not succeeding. They are not all fan, but enough are that it goes under fan art. Rurouni Kenshin / Legend of Zelda / Dance Dance Revolution / Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Alec Birthday
For my aunt's step-grandson's birthday. I was supposed to draw one for her other grandson's birthday too a few months later but I forgot. Whoops. Anyway, kid was a Harry Potter fan. Harry Potter / my first step-cousin once removed

Rogue in an outfit BASED on what she wears in X-Ev but a headstyle that is all my own ;o The off-centre belt buckle is courtesy of our kid Peter Tork. By the way, that's her glove she's holding in her right hand. X-Men

Waah, I love Kenshin. I'm not sure if I love him in spite of or more because of his femininity. x_o Rurouni Kenshin

Libelle from Directions of Destiny. I drew it at 2002 Latin State competition and it's deformed and pointless but I wanted to draw hair in that manner, so I did, and it was fun :D :D Directions of Destiny

Hwi Noree
Because the only thing worse than fan art from Tolkien and European history is fan art from Dune. She is the Ixian ambassador, drawn because the description of one of her outfits sounded really cool XP God Emperor of Dune

Beach Babes
A present for my friend Bry / Ace; his favourite FF gals at the beach! They are Aeris (whose eartails I forgot to draw-- whoops), Beatrix, Edea, and Rikku. Final Fantasy VII / VIII / IX / X

It's All Relative
Errrr, little Boba Fett is so precious, and I drew this after I read the first novel in the series for him (it's so cute that he's got his own novel series)... ... I don't really know what I was going for with this drawing, so I guess I'll never know whether or not I accomplished it. Star Wars

I was trying to learn how to draw realistic-style but I wasn't very good at it. Anyway, I made this. It isn't supposed to look like any of the actors in the movies. *headscratch* Lord of the Rings

curly thing.
one's hair on trees and one's hair on people.