Chloroplasma.  IT IS FUN!
part of a dragonfly.

Stormspinner / Jonathon Junk
Some junky little sketches of Stormspinner and a couple messed up Jonathons. Now you get to see her in various stages of hair-growing-out, and a half-drawn Jonathon with her, and then a little mini-redesign of Jonathon that I considered for about half a second, but which amused me a lot. :D (by the way, it says 'gay,' not 'yay.')

First I drew Guybrush, then Jamie was like "DRAW YOURSELF WITH HIM" so I did, then she was like "DRAW ME" so I did, then I drew her a boyfriend too :P The somewhat undecipherable text reads "This sucks chicken & dressing," "Coat rack w/ head," and "pants falling down," respectively. (She was wearing pants that day that kept falling down.) (PSST even though Guybrush is in it I put this in original art. DON'T TELL ANYONE.)

Disproportionate Profiles
Darius Virtue, my new DL character who is meant to be hot and disarming to the maxx, and Jonathon, in profile. Their heads are the wrong size compared to each other, but their heights are correct. :P Also Darius isn't supposed to have that X-treme goatee action going on, just stubble, but, yeah.

Candy Apple
A foray into the world of gothic lolita style (<3), drawn in my Russian notebook over a period of several days.

Grackle Boy
Concept sketch for a little boy in a story I might write/draw. He is friends with grackles. :o

Another Russian notebook opus. This began as a fire fairy, and now it's kind of a star fairy, but "star fairy" sounds weird and "fire fairy" sounds cool.

Grackle boy with his grackle friends, looking MENACINGLY down at YOU in a wheat field. He's got different hair this time. I haven't decided how his hair should be yet. :P

Very *friendly* Person
Larf! This is like, what happens when Jonathon is possessed or something :p It's the counterpart to the much poorer one of Jonathon and Stormspinner earlier.

Since the Dead Lands SIM came back, I was like "hmm perhaps I will draw some pictures of the characters." So far I have only drawn this one. Yay. (In the sim revival Jonathon is generally pissed off at life which is why he looks so pissy.) (Because a bunch of crappy stuff has happened to him, not because he just turned pissy for no reason.)

A sketch of a person in a man's vest, women's trousers, and indeterminate or gender-neutral trench coat, shirt, tie, and (badly-drawn) fedora.

Dextrous Sketches
Some random sketches I scanned one night when I was bored. Clockwise from top: a fish zombie kid (!), earnest!Darius, Ana, Faren all accessorised up but still not too thrilled about it, a chick I thought was sorta hot, and Beatrix bein' like "come on, boyo, lessee how tough you are." PSST even though Beatrix is in it... etc.

Peer Pressure
Nobody drew on oekaki board for like two months so I drew this hoping they would get lung cancer and die :( The chick is Owen probably.

Owen occasionally has a role in a ballet, so this is her hanging out a few minutes before the show ;D Drawn left-handed. (I'm working on my ambidexterity again lately.)

Sinister Sketches
All drawn left-handed. Clockwise from top right: an awesome horse, Link, Samméle and Talon (Darius's parents; Talon should not look like the devil but I just drew him quickly and then didn't want to fix it), a cool guy, a cute kid, and some Russian I wrote because there was a big empty spot there.

Lady Crise
A not-so-great tablet drawing of Crise. I effed up the top of her head and the positioning of her left eye, and I don't like the way her lips look at all. beh.

Deverell Gwynne, half-Welsh half-Greek 5'1" U.S. secret agent who loves the Beatles, kung fu movies, and not much else. All drawn left-handed. It's sorta hard to tell, but she's aiming a gun in the top-right one. :o

Faren Gray
Tablet sketch of Faren (in Painter7) which I was inspired to do after Honz's journal entry on the subject ;D If Faren were attractive, she'd look like France Gall. (And they have the same initials! Strasniy!)

Messy Li'l Aestus
Another Painter7 tablet thingum; it's Aestus, after I decided that heavy eye makeup and full sexy lips are hawt on someone like an evil golden general.

Painter7 tablet fwoooar! There was a kinda similar scene to this in a comic book and I thought it was ultra sexy so I drew one of my own ;D 'Tis Jonathon and Stormspinner. Of pain inflicted, let us say that it hurts so good and leave it at that!

ARGH WHY DO I SUCK. (Darius oekaki)

Jack V. Sabre
Another Dead Lands chara portrait. This is Jack Vincent Sabre; soon after completing this, I found out he was supposed to have long-ish hair, or at least longer-ish. Oh well.

During Planet of the Apes
Here's something I randomly sketched while Planet of the Apes (the 2001 version) was playing on FX. Well, it was a nice twist ending, but I didn't quite grok it, you know?

Jonya and Stormspinner in my clumsy pastiche of Marc Hempel's amazing work in Book IX of The Sandman. I was originally going to put more people in it, but then I didn't.

Have a Smoke
It's also sort of in a Hempel-style. Silhouette of Jonathon taking the titular advice. Of course, a doctor really shouldn't be smoking, but then again, there aren't any such things as cigarettes in the Dead Lands world, now, are there?

Miss Mab
A supervillainess whose motivation I have yet to decide. Her face here looks more like Stormspinner's than I had originally designed it, but that's because it started off as a drawing of Stormspinner. I was just sketchin' an' all.

I don't really know what the hair's supposed to be like, no. But other than that, I have a feeling that I've drawn like this exact same picture before now.

Chloroplasma Art
All the site graphics that were on Chloroplasma's first layout. These were drawn a couple years earlier than where they appear in the little art timeline here, but of course there was no need to compile them until I actually made a new layout.

I Really Suck
It's a tablet drawing I made in Painter 7! And. I really suck.

She Kinda Loves Me
Drawn with mouse. It was coming along really well until I started overthinking things, but I'm satisfied with the way it turned out.

Winter Stormspinner
The main reason I started drawing this was that, in my opinion, Stormspinner never came off as looking all that threatening in any of her previous pictures. It needs a background, but it doesn't have one. :)

curly thing.
one's hair on trees and one's hair on people.