Chloroplasma.  IT IS FUN!
part of a dragonfly.

Tork Silla
I copied the pose from Mulan and the sword looks more like a rapier than anything Oriental, but oh well. At this point in my life, all of my friends were suddenly all into Japanese stuff, so I decided to be into Chinese stuff so that I'd be special. But then when I drew this, someone was like "AAH NOT ANOTHER JAPAN-OBSESSOR." And I was like "I don't like Japan." But then after like a month I started liking Japanese stuff anyway.

Awww, isn't it so cute?! For a while there I pretty much just drew pictures of Silla all day, you know. This was an animated gif (the tail moved and eyes blinked) but the quality was so crudpoor that I'm just going to pretend it was never one anyway.

Sillacat, Fancy That
Yeah, this one time I was like "hey, PSP has more stuff in it than flood fill" and made a bunch of junk with Fun Effects and thought I was all cool.

A girl in a Monkees episode wore a dress with matching boots that I thought was so cute, so I was like "GOTTA DRAW" and I put Landis too. I don't know, I seriously had some scarf issues. It was like a plot point that Silla and Landis wore matching scarves, like a gang sign or something.

Purple with People
I was using smudge tool in PSP and I was like "HEY IT LOOKS LIKE A CAVE OR SOMETHING" so I made little bad drawings of Silla and Slimu, who were... trapped in a purple silk cave or something. I don't know. I was on drugs. Actually, my artwork from this point would probably be better if I'd been on drugs.

Who's Who
Logo for "Who's Who in the Mushroom World" in my SMRPG site. I can't remember if this was the original or the second version of it. If it's the second, I've lost the first.

Who's Who Thingum
This little bit of joy never actually got to be the logo since the creation of the Photic Zone precluded my embryonic plans for a new SMRPG layout (of which this was a product).

Rather simple early Silla, flat and pointless as per usual, but something about their flat pointlessness makes me think they're really cute now.

Same as earlier drawing Peace Kitty, run through the PSP effects filter mill. I saved it because I thought it was neat. Because I was not of sound mind. (I don't think anybody in middle school is of sound mind, teachers included.)

Shaman Silla
This was going to be used in the logo for that revamped SMRPG layout I planned but never made because of the Photic Zone starting up.

Silla and Peter
Yeah. Hey, back in the sixties Peter Tork was frickin' hot. He was my first crush! w00t ... but he's not very photogenic. This is one of the few where he doesn't look like crud. ;o Very cute in motion, howevah~~~

Sillaward Latest
I can't quite think, but I believe this was never actually used as the Sillaward. I made it because the previous one was so bad... ... you know, site awards were such a big deal a few years ago, and now nobody bothers with them.

Sillaward Second Latest
It's deformed with the head from Peace Kitty. I liked this colour back then, but now I hate it.

Sillaward Second Oldest
I thought the Hot Wax tool in PSP was just about the coolest thing ever for about an hour, during which I produced this. It's too bad I don't have the very first Sillaward design anymore. I remember after I made it, Hans made another version and sent it to me and was like "you should use this one instead, because it's better." and I got mad. We weren't very good at being friends.

Transcripts Logo

Baka Kevin .5
Me (left) and Zucchan (middle) taunt Baka Kevin (right) in this concept art from the manga we were planning in 8th grade specifically designed to 1) mock Kevin and 2) make a tribute to / blatantly plagiarise from Ranma.

Baka Kevin .5 revisited
More concept art. This was originally added a year or so after the other because Zuki had it but gave it to me when she was moving. Do you know she actually had a crush on Kevin, and so did our other friend Krystal. WTF.

Charcoal Lady
A picture that sucks, but I did it in CHARCOAL, so there. I never did learn how to use charcoal properly.

Selfy Po
Me in 7th grade, drawn in 7th grade. I wasn't really this cute. Sigh.

AnJa's special attack from some story or manga thing we planned together, only we didn't ever really finish planning it.

Sucky Clutch
AnJa clutches her weapon, a giant All-Day Sucker (All-Day Sucky) in preparation for teaching some offensive passerby a lesson in pain.

Sucky Broccoli
AnJa with her All-Day Sucky, me the way I drew myself for like two days (I don't even know why I started that, because I have never resembled that even slightly), a cute face, and some other thing.

The Industrial Revolution
A comic thing for an 8th grade U.S. history project. Featuring more cameos than you can shake a stick at! (please not that it is possible to shake a stick at no more than three cameos at a time.)

Made in Japan
Ai Ling when she was Acapulco Sun, drawn mainly because I found a magazine that had written out how to write "Made in Japan" and "shall we go fishing?" in Japanese and I was like OMG AWESOME. I also had an earring with Chinese for "sweet" (also a rare kanji for sweet) even though at the store it said it meant "sugar," so I put that on there too. And I painted it with nail polish w00t.

Supposed to be the girl in my short story "Since it Must be So." The kanji is with nail polish again. I also copied the face and the style of hair-shading from some drawings of Ukyo in the Ranma mango ;o

Drew it for some contest that I didn't enter, then randomly entered it in a yearbook cover contest which I for some insane reason won. Yeah. Lots of drugs there.

Something I made for geometry in 8th grade, scanned for no reason, then of course had to post it since I had scanned it.

Old Chloroplast
Early character design for Sailor Chloroplast.

Sailor Chloroplast and Sailor Cockroach
AnJa's and my Sailor senshi alter-egos. She later was Sailor something else because she never really liked cockroaches in the first place. Obviously, I didn't finish the picture.

Spotlight Rose
Hans had drawn a rose in some picture, and then I was like "I GOTTA DRAW A ROSE" so I drew a rose. One of my last pure CGs.

curly thing.
one's hair on trees and one's hair on people.