Chloroplasma.  IT IS FUN!
part of a dragonfly.

Fun in the Sun
I don't know why Parcival wears long pants at the beach (well, I wanted everyone to be wearing different kinds of things and no WAY I'm drawing someone in a speedo), but the reason he has a weird look on his face is because Aestus looks so sullen and wrathful. And the reason for THAT, I'd assume, is because Snow doesn't remember who he is and is hangin' wif Jonathon instead.

Cesium Tien Kon
Chinese alchemist in an orange coat. The background is the real attraction here. O_O Picture tubes are funny.

Design sheet for Gazardiel, a fallen-angel demi-human type of guy, brother-ish to Oyatzin, who used to be a monk, and believe it or not, I didn't actually intend for his wings to look like marijuana. They were supposed to be burning gossamer. ... FOR REAL!

Not a dirty picture. I b'lieve I originally intended it to be Stormspinner and Aestus, but this was before I'd ever sat down and figured out what Aestus should look like so I just drew a random guy... and I already knew, at that point, that I didn't like Stormspinner with feathered wings, but of course she has to have 'em for the motif.

Russian Hippie
Jonathon with a bouquet dressed in one of the Russian costumes from our Fiddler on the Roof production, because I liked those costumes and I liked the idea of Jonathon being Russian, and this friend of mine had mentioned that Viktor Tsoi sounded like a Russian hippie, and I liked the idea of Jonathon being a Russian hippie.

Russian Hippie: Vodka Mix
I used multiply colourisation in many spots where I should've done straight colourisation. So this isn't a very good colourisation. But at least now he wears orange.

The Salt
It ought to've been called The Salty, but it's dishonest and wrong to retroactively retitle pictures. This is me as a Clow Card! I coloured it with the four coloured pencils I had with me at school that day because I didn't want to wait until I got home to finish it.

Goddess Hel
Norse goddess of the dead. As far as mythological accuracy, it's actually supposed to be upper half/lower half parti-colouring, not left side/right side, and also to be black and ROTTING, not just black. AND in later perceptions she was an ugly hag, too. Anyway, I wanted this drawing to be really cool, but it didn't cooperate.

Lotus Xiao-Yu
Sketch on the back of my high school directory.

Lin Sketch
In English journal; it's her giant head below her in her outfit thing, and the broken wand is supposed to be like... in a puddle of blood. Because she killed someone this one time. When she was running away from the whorehouse. But she feels bad about it.

Olivia Aureante
A sucky picture of a sucky character. The only thing I like even a little about any of this design is the crucifix, which she can't really wear ANYWAY since she's a vampire.

Journal Page
A bunch of sketches in my English journal. I thought they were diverting, so here they are. I transliterated "Shenlong" to kana incorrectly, as it ought to be "Shenron" instead of "Shenrongu" I'm thinking.

Let's Conflicting!
AWOL General Aestus meets up with and confronts Protective Doctor Jonathon re: Extraterrestrial Amnesiac Snow in this sketch of a scene that never happened in the story as it currently exists.

Petey Kae
It is actually Kae Petey, going left to right, but Petey Kae has sort of a ring to it. Petey's hair looks intolerably horrible, but I pretty much like the rest. *chinrub*

Come to Us
A chick an' a littler chick seen by Snow in her dreams. I was practicing hands in an outstretched position.

Goblin princess. This design is probably MORE OR LESS the way it'll end up, minus the fact that it's deformed and stuff.

Some Jonathon head sketches and Afro Chlaia
I tried a different bang style for Jonathon and didn't like it. I also drew Chlaia. And a creepy thing below her.

No Trees and Lots of Dead Stuff
While I was drawing this picture, Kim described the ranch land on which our school was built using the terminology in the title; thus.

Psycho Chibi-Winter
A little sketch of Winter Stormspinner looking like a psycho when she was like 12. I scanned it in from my English journal because it kept me off the streets.

I later learned that the adjective "hyacinthine" as applied to hair is supposed to refer to curls, not to purple-black-ness. Well, the hair IS curly. But not in the right way.

Jonathon Rovnev
Jonathon with shiny hair, because he has good hygiene. I still don't understand why it doesn't look deformed to me in full-size but does in thumbnail.

Frederick the Great
Baby, if fan art from European history is wrong, then I don't want to be right. YOUR EDUCATION: Frederick was king of Prussia in the 1700s; he really had light brown hair and blue eyes and was well-dressed. Though his father was convinced Frederick was a sissy boy and would make a poor ruler, he actually went on to become the greatest general-king of the 18th century.

Aestus Veranel
A full-body, non-disguised design for Aestus. He has a big sharp weapon thing that might be called the "Aesma". There are problems with this drawing, but I like its shininess and the colours of his skin and hair.

25% of the Quarter Knights, a special unit under Aestus's jurisdiction. Calamat is the Air Knight.

Cole Slaughter
Leader of the Quarter Knights; he is the Ice Knight. (He's also a jerk.)

Psycho Ana
A terrible and strange pencil drawing of Jonathon's older half-sister Ana which I drew while watching Adolescense Mokushiroku one time; I was like "hey, THEY draw sort of unconventionally and it looks good so why can't I?" (the answer is that the AM animators have DRAWING TALENT!!!)

Non-psycho Ana, leaning on a rock. She is a shepherdess; she has sheep.

Random sketchies on my sight-reading packet at choir camp in summer 2001. I seem to remember not liking the sight-reading lady.

HOORAY IT'S SO FUN, because it's tilted on purpose.

Ana Rovnev
Jonathon is 20, and Ana is 22. The background is so hilarious and stupid.

curly thing.
one's hair on trees and one's hair on people.