Chloroplasma.  IT IS FUN!
part of a dragonfly.

Red Mages
A female and male Red Mage in pseudo-FFT style, because there weren't Red Mages in FFT although they are the coolest and most stylish. (There could've been a "Red Magic" ability that just included the lower levels of white, black, and maybe some yin-yang magic...) My first airbrushed piccle. There must be some secret to airbrushing that I'm missing. Final Fantasy

Secret Ninja Police Agent (or something) Yae! Because she's awesome! Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

Beatrix oekaki
Mah first ever oekaki. It's a bit off. But it's Beatrix. And that makes it sexy. Final Fantasy IX

Ne Me Mori Facias
Another oekaki; the first time I've drawn Sephiroth, and what a way to begin, eh. o_o "ne me mori facias" loosely translates to "do not let me die," and it's used as a lyric in "One-Winged Angel." Final Fantasy VII

Mah Nezu asked me to draw Kafei so I did, like three months after she first asked me, but whatever. I totally love Kafei. I wish we got to see how hot he is as an adult. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Dune Cats
I was watching the Dune movie on Sci Fi (the newer one) and Dr. Yueh and Piter De Vries looked TOTALLY WRONG so I drew them RIGHT and I also drew Duncan Idaho because he's hot, but this doesn't really look like him in the movie anyway, but that guy was pretty hot too. Duncan is on the left, Piter on the right, Yueh above. Dune

Not counting the text that actually says it, "boba" is/are in this picture three different times. See if you can SPOT THEM ALL! Final Fantasy VII / Star Wars episode II

Sailor Moon oekaki
People at the oekaki board I draw at dissed Usagi and I told her and this is what she had to say about it. Sailor Moon

The oekaki board people were also dissing Vincent, so I drew him to show them how awesome he is, but I drew him cruddily so it didn't work. Final Fantasy VII

Professor Snape. It's oekaki, of course. Because I'm too lazy to draw any other way these days. Harry Potter

There was a debate over whether Cloud or Sephiroth was better, so I drew this to let the truth be made known. Final Fantasy VII

Let's All Get Along
After demon-possessed Yuffie killed Cloud and Sephiroth, things started to get a little UGLY so I drew this for everyone to be happy again. Yes, Sephiroth is dressed up like Aeris. *headscratch* Final Fantasy VII

Well, I had hoped to make this really cool, but the oekaki applet hung up at this point in the awesomeification, so it never actually got to be awesome. Final Fantasy VII

Katerina Ivanovna
She has consumption! I should have made her look much more hectic and overexcited and crazy and stuff, but I didn't. I also couldn't get her lips to come out the way I wanted them to, but eh. Crime and Punishment

Summoning the Dragon
A tablet drawing for Directions of Destiny's 2 year anniversary <3 Yes, their arms are really short. What are you gonna do? You don't do anything. You just go in your room and cry. Directions of Destiny

Happy Freaking Anniversary
The *real* present I drew for Hans for the DoD anniversary ;o I kept on having all sorts of aweful frustrations at every stage of the drawing, but since it was a secret I couldn't whinge to him about them o_x Also this is probably the only time you will see Ryan in a halter top and thong, so savour it. Directions of Destiny

Cyrillic Snape
I was showing Jamie why cyrillic cursive is weird with an orange gel pen on an index card (note: I wrote capital "pe" incorrectly), then drew Snape for whatever reason, with flippy cute hair like in the movies. Sts. Cyril and Methodius / Harry Potter

Pass the Salt
Snape and Link's love child. (See, we had a theme going on the oekaki board. I explained about it in original art.) Legend of Zelda / Harry Potter

Such a Cutie?
Lucca is a cutie. But she never looks like one when I draw her. Drawing her without a reference probably doesn't help. BUT I used my tablet for the first time on an oekaki even though I *had* it for the last two ones but inexplicably didn't use it. Chrono Trigger

Mariko Yashida, Sunfire, wielder of atomic flame! :D Drawn with OpenCanvas, which I should maybe practise with? Hmm. The point: I should learn to draw better wif a tablet, and also to draw fire better. Exiles

Chattur'gah Greater Guardian
Expert rendition of the scene at the end of the "Heresy!" chapter, as played on the Chattur'gah path. <3 Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Blink Sketch
A picture of Blink that I drew in my Astronomy notebook for the benefit of Jamie, who had been unaware of the awesomeness of Blink. Age of Apocalypse / Exiles

Various Astronomy notebook sketches of Godzilla, drawn mainly for Jamie's amusement; featuring, from left to right, how Godzilla vs. King Kong REALLY would have gone down, Random Godzilla, Gir's Godzilla suit, and Awesome Godzilla. Godzilla, King Kong (King Kong sucks!!)

GUYBRUSH wearing clothes from the original game. Astronomy notebook sketch, done left-handed. The Secret of Monkey Island

Yes, Miss Frost
Emma Frost, the White Queen. Still somewhat sexy despite being drawn left-handed AND (!) with the MOUSE. (Yes, that is her real outfit, and no, I don't know how it stays on.) New X-Men

Grass Land
SMB3, fools. In the Super Mario All-Stars version, the king doesn't turn into a dog.
:( He's like a snake or something. I don't know what he is in the GBA port. Super Mario

Failed Magni
I was like, "I'll draw ALL the Exiles in OpenCanvas, it'll be like a series, I'll be like a real artist." Only first I accidentally rotated the picture and couldn't get it back at the proper angle (first attempt), then I started doing a weird black outline thing and decided I didn't like it after it was TOO LATE (you can't undo very far in OC) (second attempt), then THE SODDING COMPUTER hung up when I was just about to finish the background jpgjaojk; so I took a picture of it with AnJa's camera XP (third attempt) and soon I shall draw a *real* one and it's going to be SO AWESOME, you'll see. Exiles

Azalea Alatus
It was Azalea's birthday (16 Jan) so I drew this wif tablet as a present for her / Hans. Because he likes to get presents of fan art on his characters' birthdays! What with the perspective, the back of her head actually shouldn't look like that at all, but hfff! (That's right, hfff!) Directions of Destiny

Did I cross the line between 'cute and sexy' and 'pornographic'? If I did, it's only mild pornography! o_o And also, Hans forced me to draw a background. He was going to kill me with a knife! Super Mario

Scarlet Witch
It's a li'l sketch o' Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch. I was also going to draw an accompanying Pietro, aka Quicksilver, because they are sexy twins, 'cept then I didn't. X-Men / Avengers

curly thing.
one's hair on trees and one's hair on people.