Chloroplasma.  IT IS FUN!
part of a dragonfly.

Fara Phoenix
Everyone always said how great MARY BETH was because she drew in COLOURED PENCILS. So I was like "I'll show them." And made a coloured pencil drawing that was like a million times worse than her actually good drawings. Many people always seem to have a skewed sense of how good they are. Star Fox

Happy Birthday, Fara!
A picture for the birthday of a girl who was Fara in the SF fan community! o_o Ha ha, there really was an SF fan community. I mailed this to her, I think...? Star Fox 64

French Song
I added Fox and Fara to this drawing, which was inspired by the Monkees' "French Song," after. ... after I drew it. I thought the colourised yellow circle and colour-negation made it classy or... something. Actually I made a present of it to Kei Fox (after adding Fox and Fara) and he liked it, so I guess that makes it worthwhile.. Star Fox 64 / the Monkees?

Star Fox Artists
What took the longest about this drawing was finding and organising all the self-portraits people'd drawn to use for reference and waiting for e-mail replies from everyone about how tall their avatar was... and things. Star Fox 64 fan community

Star Fox '66
Star Fox team as band members in the late 60's o_o Inspired by the Monkees... of course. Monkees + Star Fox = complete slice of my personal pop culture at that point in my life. Star Fox 64 / Rainbow Room

The Uncanny X-Furs
My friends' SF avatars and some other SF characters that I didn't have any friends of as X-Men characters. Okay, I guess I had Monkees + Star Fox + X-Men, but the first two were way prevalent. Bill is supposed to be Forge, by the way. Star Fox 64 / X-Men

Young Katt and Aurelia
Li'l drawing of Katt Monroe and Aurelia Javensen (original chara) as schoolchildren gossiping about their classmates. Star Fox 64

Vixy Reinard
She's dressed in the thing that was supposedly her "dress" in the old NP comic...? I wanted this to look like she was APPEARING IN A GHOSTLY DREAM but I didn't know how to do anything with PSP back then aside from Soften filters and gradient fills. Star Fox

Katt Monroe, freefalling. I drew it after watching Head... funked-up movie, let me tell you. I highly recommend it. Star Fox 64

Lyssa Alleycat Monroe
A character picture I drew for an SF avatar someone made up. I think there were a couple other character pictures I drew that've been LOST IN TIME oh well. Star Fox / Original

Maverick Angus
Another guy asked me to draw him, and he didn't like his picture either. Geez, it's not like my other work was so much better, they should've known what to expect. o_o He was also viewing with a low colour display, so it looked like there was a random red spot on the knee. Star Fox 64 / Original

I drew because I thought she sounded cool when she yelled "Yo hai!" and I wanted to prove that I knew she was a girl (unlike NP). Artemis the cat is awesome, but listen, everyone, Artemis is NOT A GUY'S NAME. I hadn't done any CGs in a while and I wanted to prove I still could. (I couldn't.) Bomberman 64

Team Rocket CG
FIRST EVAR TEARM ROACKET DFAWRGIN OMG Started as just a random chick, whom I decided to turn into Jessie (which is why her face doesn't look like her face) then added James and Meowth... I kept having to look at reference pictures because I didn't have their appearances burned in my brain yet. Pokemon

Team Rocket
I used a promo pic as reference (badly) and some scans of the NP animation comics for colours. Bwa ha it sucks. Pokemon

Misty and Meowth
Before the show came out, the NP thingies were running, and since Misty had cute hair and Meowth was a cat, I decided they would be my favourite characters and drew their heads. Pokemon

Jessie from AVALANCHE in FF7, because she is cool. I've been to a couple places where people inexplicably thought she was a guy. o_o Aside from the fact that she has woman-parts (though I guess the quality of some of the FF7 polygons might hide that), "Jessie" is only ever a girl's name... "Jesse" is the male version. Final Fantasy VII

Silla Kisaragi
I copied the pose and outfit from my FF7 player's manual, though I didn't actually copy the drawing. *headscratch* Well, if you look at the original and mine, you'll see what I mean, I guess. Final Fantasy VII

Escaped Jessie
Jessie after her miraculous escape from underneath the plate, scanned from my 8th grade earth science notes. Illustration for the fic I didn't ever finish. Final Fantasy VII

Wendy O. Koopa
I drew this because I found some site that was dedicated to the Koopalings, causing me to remember my Wendy fandom. It's pretty funny that I forgot how bows looked x_o? Super Mario

Rocket Silla
I hadn't drawn Silla in a long time, then I drew her this way, and then I was like "wtf, this is horrible" and I started trying to find a better way to draw Silla. But this is important, because it's a turning point. Pokemon

Rocket Revolution part I
I worked very hard on this project for American History and I only made an 85 on it blargh yargh. THe red pen marks are LIES they do not exist. Pokemon / AMERICAN HISTORY!!!1

Rocket Revolution, part II
THE EXCITING CONCLUSION! Shanana said to me, "you only drew this whole thing so you could draw Jessie and James with their arms around each other." That's right, folks. I was the original rocketshipper. Pokemon / American history

Jessie Knows What She's Doing
In 8th grade english, we did Discussion Directors where one member of the class presented information about something and then we had a discussion type thing; whenever I got bored during those, I drew Team Rocket in my composition book. Zuki saw it and said "She looks like she knows what she's doing." Pokemon

Paper Fan
God bless Team Rocket and PAPER FANS that cause PAIN Pokemon

Arwen Undómiel
HA HA Tolkien fan art. Actually, I was also playing a character on an RP mailing list who was a blatant rip of Tolkien's Arwen (for whom I used this as character art), but apparently nobody there ever noticed (that she was a ripoff, not that this was character art). Lord of the Rings

Hibiki Silla
I drew it on an envelope that I think I mailed to Hans but scanned it first to show my Ryouga fangirl friend Cassie. The shirt is off because I didn't have any reference back then and didn't feel like doing a search... There wasn't Google yet in those days, I don't think, so there you are. Ranma 1/2

Recycling 1/2!
For a World Geography thing in 9th grade. I was unconfident so almost every single picture is drawn *directly* from a very similar pose in one of the novels _-_ Ranma 1/2

Recycling 1/2! part II
I was up late drawing this one so it's a lot worse XD() By the way, this comic IS supposed to be dorky o_o Ranma 1/2

Mr. Kipper
First drawing of Mr. Kipper; I couldn't remember how she looked at all except that she was green and round. Super Mario RPG

Bishounen Senshi Sailor Quatre
Good times, good times. The thing about this that creeps me out is how *natural* Trowa looks dressed as Jupiter. Gundam W / Sailor Moon

curly thing.
one's hair on trees and one's hair on people.