Chloroplasma.  IT IS FUN!
part of a dragonfly.

Starlight Mountain illustration I
Badly drawn Shorty having a conversation with badly drawn Jellylorum. (Jellylorum is the cat.)

Starlight Mountain illustration II
Inji has a surprise meeting with Slimu, whom I forgot was meant to be under a bench when I drew him, and then I don't know what part of me thought drawing that obscene thing would be better than inconsistent storytelling. Wait, what?

Starlight Mountain illustration III
Flash Johnson makes a dramatic entrance at the Whacked Ferret, a coffee shop place. The guy who played him changed his hairstyle and outfit pretty much right as I drew this, so the silhouette's not up to date, if you want to say it that way.

Starlight Mountain illustration IV
Nistor P. Ocnecara, the Drat of Security on Tseldonae, makes a crash landing. I can't tell now what are supposed to be his nose and mouth, because if it is what it looks like, then he'd be smiling, but I distinctly remember drawing him to look disgruntled. ph33r my retroactive lack of talent.

Lieutenant Holger
Holger is a Yaklett, drawn for a 7th grade project where we were supposed to a) draw a Yaklett with specific characteristics (we were studying dominant and recessive genes) and b) write a story about them.

Made at the beginning of my 8th grade year as a cover for my binder. My favourite is that purple happy face, which I put on there because it's so startlingly ugly.

A wolf character I played at a place called the Alaskan RPG. Some pretty interesting stuff happened there. *blink*

A jackal character for a story I started to plan but never wrote; she has the power to control weather and the states of matter, but lacks the maturity and skill to fully utilise her abilities. She's a bad guy by the way. Volatile, mean-spirited, that kind of thing.

Another guy from that story. He hasn't a name because I never actually gave him one. He's sort of a mentor to the Thunderstorm girl-- he's a lot less powerful than she is, but he's smarter and more experienced so he's better at using what power he does have.

Starlight Mountain
A nice illustration of Starlight Mountain. I was trying to emulate the art style in the Curse of Monkey Island and not doing it very well.

Kageri Kirameki
My mink chara at SF64 sim. I like her misshapen feet and the way all her greens clash.

Party Mink
I don't remember WHY I drew this, but it's Kirameki, with a pose and shoes completely copied from a picture I found of Sailor Neptune.

Pretty Mink
It says "kirameki." I used Ranma art as a reference, obviously, but I didn't actually COPY.

Brave Fencer Kirameki
I never played the game from which the title comes, but I DID read the Musashi books by Eiji Yoshikawa. I just thought it would be a cute title. Even though you couldn't possibly fence with such a comically huge sword.

Professor Frodis
Kirameki's split personality; she changes when she's whacked on the head. You know, I redrew the feet about a million times, and they never stopped being absolutely horrid.

Bunnymink and Bunnycat
Meki and Zyi as playboy bunnies. o_o I was inspired by Ranma's first duel with Mousse, and I was amused by the idea of a cat and mink wearing artificial bunny ears when they already don't have human ears.

Long Hair and Beat Girl
I had realised that Saundra always seemed to end up being pathetic and scared and in the foetal position, so I decided to make her tougher and drew this picture. My mom went "whoo whoo!" when she first saw it and I was like u_u()()()

Vincente Pezzovetro
I know it's wrong for a bat to have arms and wings, but how dumb would a trench coat look with bat wings through the sleeves? I was experimenting with heavier shading on this one. Vincente is a cellist, and he's in the mafia. I wrote all of one entire chapter about him at the sim.

Lin Araneas
A melancholy former courtesan, ha ha this drawing is so deformed. I drew it one time while I was watching an episode of Batman, the one with the two mob bosses having a fight and the one boss's brother is a priest, and I also watched that episode another time while I was playing with a clay pot.

Lin Araneas
Here she is again feeling better about herself. I don't know, it's kind of cute. I was trying to do a heaven/hell thing in the background but then I was like "bleh."

Leliel is the Angel of Night. It's Lin's mech and she likes it. It was kind of a cool concept, but the drawing didn't come out. Of course, even if I HAD drawn it properly it would still suck as a mech because it doesn't freaking look like a mech.

Winter Leafglider
I LIKE THE NAME WINTER AFJKDLFA. She is a ditzy boy-crazy fighter/gymnast from a sim at which I had excessive fun for like a week, and then Frodo shut the sim down. Yeah. That was a good week.

A Redwall avatar I sort of had. Well, she's my only Redwall avatar, but I never actually did anything Redwall fandom-wise, so whatever.

Twine Mizell
The female lead of Terra Firma with the power of the Sun and a shiny jacket. I liked the characters I made for that, so maybe I'll do something else with them. =\ I like "Twine" as a name anyway o_o()

Lotus Xiao-Yu
Sexy Chinese elf, also Terra Firman in origin. At first I didn't know what to call her, so I asked my Latin teacher that year (whose first language was Chinese) how to say "sexy elf" in Chinese, but he told me something that really means more like "cute ghost".

Pence Sylle
Calligrapher vampire bat from Terra Firma. Once again, arms and wings. Well, it looks better! I LIKE BATS

Catalyne Mizell
Twine's mum; a prophetess. Again, good concept, should've drawn it better. Those are Han-chan's clouds in the background, but I asked first before I pinched them <3

Moyoc Oyatzin
A basically villainous demi-human of Terra Firma with three golden reptilian eyes; Lotus's part-time boyfriend, although she's not a villain. There I go again with nice concept/bad drawing. Everyone always said the boots didn't go with the rest of the ensemble, but I always said "@#%$ y'all."

Lotus and Oyatzin
Romantic sketch AAAh. Her profile is so messed up. o_o I was never totally happy with this picture, even when I first drew it, but what ya gonna do?

Winter Stormspinner
Like a lot of other of the earlier stuffs, it's chronologically out of order because of alphabetisation, but I don't feel like trying to figure out where it really goes. Well, the background is some nice wrapping paper I scanned, and the hair's kind of cute, and the rest sucks. Ha ha.

curly thing.
one's hair on trees and one's hair on people.