Chloroplasma.  IT IS FUN!
part of a dragonfly.

For culture day in 9th grade world geography. It's so great the way I use a completely different method of shading for the top of her head and the rest of her hair. Somebody actually stole this picture out of the classroom, so it's a good thing (?) I scanned it first.

Professor Phrotus
Mad scientist alter-ego. One of the first things I made in PSP 6.0; I actually drew it because I wanted a portrait for a forum I was posting on. It's one of those few that don't get horribly bad even now they're so old.

An ugly drawing of Phrotus that I hate a lot for a variety of different reasons, not the least of which being that it sucks.

Sexy Phrotus
HAW HAW. Sketch on the back of something in world geography. She's got fangs, because any alter-ego of myself always has. In real life, I only have fangs on the right side of my mouth (both upper and lower incisors).

Dark Reaction
A sketch of Sailor Chloroplast performing the second half of her ultimate attack (the first part being "Light Reaction") which might have turned out kind of cool if I'd ever done anything with it. The drawing. Not the attack.

An embodiment of death from a novel I was going to write with Bry and some people, only it never got off the ground. Anyway, here is this chick, who is called Astlyr when she's not busy being Death. She's a Viking.

Lady Crise
I think I want "Crise" pronounced like "cry-see." Anyway she's a swordswoman; she went and challenged the goblin queen Moribu and got her bum handed to her, giftwrapped. Initially.

Platinum, from Sibling Rivalry. (Crise is also from Sibling Rivalry. It's a manga I may or may not ever actually do.)

Kwehehe. :o Most people either think this is scary and I'm scary, or they think it's really cool.

A cute li'l drawing of Goblin Princess Moritu. With some weird random other stuff on it.

yAnJa Kanji!!!

Kind of a weird self-portrait. I still want a shirt like that.

My Losers
I drew this when Kef and her sister were over, and it's like everyone I knew in 9th grade. DISCLAIMER: Cooper's actually a cool guy.

Glucose Vampire
Some Sailor Chloroplast sketches from All-State camp in the summer of 2000. That's a spear pinning her to a tree in the top right one.

Plexy Cynth Glass
Unfinished drawing of a pixie chara in Sibling Rivalry. I changed her name to Pollen later but never drew her for real.

Castle Tower
Drawn for Daniel's Pokemon site. Since it hasn't any Pokemon in it, it's an original drawing.

Sailor Chloroplast
More attempt at Sailor Chloroplast. There's another one somewhere where her boots are like Link's... I don't know where it is. I don't think I ever scanned it. Hm.

Stormspinner 2
I drew another picture of her about a year or so after the first one because I was going to play her at a sim (the thing I first made her for never happened) and I thought she looked too slutty. So I made this, but it's even WORSE. Well, not slutty-wise, but ugly-wise. The head, anyway.

Stormspinner 3
.... right. I guess it kind of had the potential to not be a horrid picture. I was like "I'll make a cool background." But then I was unable to do so. And then I was like "well it's better than nothing." And now I'm not sure that it is. (It's bad enough without the background)

Another terrible picture; Stormspinner's li'l sis. She's 8, and she's badly drawn. Her name was originally Celeste, but somebody was randomly playing a character named Celeste at the sim, so I changed it XP

Probably the WORST picture of this bunch! It was one of those that I really liked when I made it, but already hated it within a week. Stormspinner and her evil general boyfriend, Aestus, whose name I think I'll change to Atrignis.

Good Picture
A little sketchy of Aestus, Winter, and Jonathon, after I failed about three times at drawing them all together. I was just trying to decide relative heights and outfits. The titles of this and the next were originally supposed to be a joke, but it only took a day or so before I realised that this picture actually was quite a lot better. ;o

Okay Picture
Due to a traumatic event, she's amnesiac. Here's Stormspinner, going by the name "Snow" (I think I'll change that to "Niv" because it sounds cute) standing with Disguised Aestus and Jonathon, a doctor guy who rescued her. I liked THIS picture a lot for about two days.

Kayoe Picture
Redrawn to suck less. And to put Jonathon in an orange shirt. And make him less ugly. I think Aestus's face might look a little worse in this one, but everyone's hair looks better (even though Stormspinner magically has metallic hair now?).

Onna no Koi
A fishy chick drawn during SNL 2000 Presidential Bash. Too much Sailor Moon manga. Some of my ideas here were good, but as usual, the implementation was rather clumsy.

Ai Ling Kipper Panda
The only watercolour I ever made that didn't entirely blow. I drew it in 10th grade World History, pre-calculus, and Latin. IT'S EDUCATIONAL!

Potassium, nicknamed Kae, half the main characters of Sibling Rivalry. Her dress looks shiny the way I wanted it, and I guess her face is kind of cute but other than that. Eeelllrhh.

Nicknamed Petey. H'm. I was watching Sailor Moon a lot around then.

Do I Annoy You?
Jonathon. I actually still pretty much like this. The quote is sorta from Les MisÚrables, when Marius first talks to Cosette in her garden and he's all nervous and rambles a bunch of stuff.

Edge of Eternity
Stormspinner-faerie with her sword. I still like this one, too, aside from the technologically challenged job I did of the weird rain looking stuff. (What WAS that supposed to be?)

curly thing.
one's hair on trees and one's hair on people.