Chloroplasma.  IT IS FUN!
part of a dragonfly.

It's a weird CG I did probably in around 5th or 6th grade. Joe Madureira was my artistic role model at the time and I'd like to think it shows, but... well, nevermind ;o

Even at the tender age of... 11 or 12 I guess it was, I was giving my CGs weird filenames. Enjoy it, or something.

I started writing an RPG (like a video game) in my 7th grade Computer Literacy class and this a piccle of the game's main character, Mariell!

Another character in my 7th grade RPG game thing. She's amphibious, I think. When you first meet her she grabs Kerrio, this minstrel chappy, and tries to drown him, but then another chara who's tall with weird hair and I forget her name saves him and Glibbene joins your party.

It's my first ever picture of Silla! I was going to draw a picture of myself for the Mario Kart Extreme Racing League website, and I decided to make Silla look like my cat. O_o And here it is! First ever, don't forget!

Well, it's Silla, Slimu, Slimy, and Gu Goomba standing together looking at the ceiling. Duh. I think there was originally a companion picture that was just everyone's eyes glowing in the dark, with the idea being that someone had lit a match and then this scene was revealed.

Slimu and Slimy form a groovy flying thingum in which Silla and Gu ride after a daring escape from some place or other.

One of my first drawings of Silla. It's so ugly that it's precious.

Happy Birthday to Silla!
This got to be the logo of my SMRPG page on my 13th birthday ^_^

Sad Sill
I drew this because I was bored and wanted to guilt someone on a message board.

The very first anthropomorphic Silla, drawn when someone suggested I do a self-portrait. I like the shoes and not much else. As you can see, this image didn't exactly carry over to the later anthro Sillas ;o

Silly Silla
Slimu wanted me to draw a piccle of Silla for one of his java games on his site back when it was Slimu + Slimy's Nintendo Page ;o

Item Logo
I never made an items section on my SMRPG site, but I did make a logo. Isn't that special?

Flower Points Logo
Okay, okay, so it's nothing too complex, but it's just soo DAAARLING!!!

It's... err, a whirlpool. I created it for a MKXNL contest-- it's a design for an MK64 battle course. Maelstrom is really a great word.

Ai Ling
AT SOME POINT I HAVE ACQUIRED A SCANNER! This was drawn during that painful inbetween period for our kid Ai Ling. She'd already gotten the name Ai Ling (she was originally called Acapulco), but hadn't gotten the blue queues or anything else yet. So... here. ;o

Aurelia Javensen
Dis is my made-up chara for SF64 to be Katt's best friend from school. She stars in Musica dell' Esistenza, which was gonna be all epic and philosophical and I came up with cool titles for the three sections of the story, 'cept I only ever wrote the first part and that not very well either.

Eliza Cantador
A Venomian commander in Musica dell' Esistenza.

Cynthia Bailarin
She's also from Musica dell' Esistenza. She's a margay or something.

Destella Planeador
It's Destella, queen of the Colmena, from Espejismo, which is possibly the finest example of insect-related literature with everything with any name at all coming from Spanish-English dictionary translations of words that I thought were neat I've ever collaborated on.

Picarita Encantado
Picarita, a Pinchazo in Espejismo.

I may have given her a last name at one point, but I'm not sure. There's no real reason why I drew this. It's a polar bear in a pink suit. *shrug*.

Landis! She was Silla's taller, mellower sidekick from the SF64 sim.

Saundra, whom I played at Star Wolf's SF64 sim.

Saundra Phrotus Thorkelson
A later picture of Saundra, but in the same outfit. Laa laa. When I first drew this (a few months after the first), I had this idea that it was like a million times better and that the old one was so bad compared to it, but now I can't tell much of a difference quality-wise. THAT'S JUST HOW ART IS!!!

Look at Me I'm Saundra P, Drowsy With Veracity
No, seriously, that's the title. I'd just gotten into Ranma when I drew this, and at that point in my life I was unable to admire an art style without (poorly) ripping it off.

Shorty Blackwell
The main chara in my bizarre SF64 fanfic, Good Clean Fun, named after a Monkees song, and modelled after another Monkes song, not called Good Clean Fun, but in fact called Shorty Blackwell, after Micky Dolenz's cat Shorty Blackwell.

Pirate Kitty
Silla, as she first appeared at the SF64 sim. The cutlass is plastic, so I don't know why it has a metallic glint thing.

Peace Kitty
Silla wif love beads groovin' to the beat. At some point in 7th grade, over a period of about a day, I turned into a dirty hippie (minus the dirty part), so I quickly adopted this Silla instead as being more "me". To this day I don't understand my fascination with long scarves back then.

Egyptian Silla
This dude Sacha was planning to write a fanfic that this would have illustrated, but he never got around to it. This is the first and only picture of Silla with hair.

curly thing.
one's hair on trees and one's hair on people.